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Looking for some help with variable and text boxes...

Hello all. I am trying to make a simple project where I need 3 pages. To explain....

Page one is number pad where numbers generate into t0 box. I want to store the value of t0 into a global variable. 

Page two is the same thing. Another number pad entering into t1 box and stored globally. 

Page three is 2 boxes. t2 and t3. t2 is the value of t0 on page 1 and t3 is the value of t1 on page 2. 

The last thing is t4 which is t2 and t3 added together. 

I get the number pad fine. That is working great. The problem is I can't figure out the string that saves t0 or t1 to a global variable to be called on page 3. 

I try va0.val=t0.txt when I press the enter button but it won't compile.

Basically I dont need to flip the the second page until I hit enter on the first page so I figured the command I am attempting would be best suited when the enter key is hit. 

I have looked at some similar examples on here but with no luck. Any help is appreciated. Thanks....

va0.val is numeric

t0.txt is string

You can change the .sta of a variable from Number to String

You change the .vscope from local to global

Add the pagename period in front of the variable


Ok I will try this. The number is a float (eg 12.34), would it be better to use as a number or a string?

depends, I prefer 2 number components for my floats.  If 0.01 resolution

the multiply your value * 100 then, set n1 with .length of 2

n0.val=value/100 and n1.val=value%100

I should have added, Nextion Numbers are integer based, no floating points.

But if all values were multiplied by 100, one could graphically embed a ^ decimal separator.  Kind of like the old school gas pumps use to, then numbers can be mathematically worked on.  Text will lack this conversion back for math reworking.

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