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WIoT-2 Weather Station and IoT Thing

Hey gang, just blogged about my updated weather IoT thing..  Displays weather forecast and a bunch of other stuff as well.

Link:  WIoT-2 Weather Station – Nextion TFT with ESP8266

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Dave, the icons are too large to scale to the 4.3" display since the resolution is half of the 5" display.  I'll go fishing for some icons.

Dave, (or others who are interested)

very nicely done. Regarding the donations, can I interest you in a few hours of consulting?

Looking to integrate the nextion with nodemcu, controlling about 4 x 3.3v relays, reading approximately 3 5v analog sensors (will require level shifting), 1 or 2 digital in as well. wifi will be communicating to api's my web team creates. It may be some products we develop will have to have an mcu inbetween for more io's - just means we will have product variants.

I mainly needs a heads up on whether node mcu is the right way to go, and trying to avoid wasted efforts.We already do a huge amount in the IOIO / Android space and want to port some control functions to smaller production units. Plus some hardware discussions. A connection schematic would also save us a lot of effort.Ongoing there will also be a need to achieve the same connectivity via cell modem instead of wifi (another variant). We are fine with the Nextion HMI, already have very nice prototype of an advanced control system.

Unless you actively work in water management systems, there shouldn't be a conflict of interest.

Let me know here, or via my email (p dot james at water renu dot com)

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