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WIoT-2 Weather Station and IoT Thing

Hey gang, just blogged about my updated weather IoT thing..  Displays weather forecast and a bunch of other stuff as well.

Link:  WIoT-2 Weather Station – Nextion TFT with ESP8266

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I would remove the pictures from the viewer page.

Brian, is a $5 spot to expensive to find out the answer?

 - Dave pointed out for a donation he would share his code.

 - Just saying

Dave, are the pictures for the picture viewer fixed to what you included in the HMI file?

Hey Dave,

You put a lot of work into this.  Looks good by the way, nice job indeed

Here are the main features.  

  • Display current and forecast weather information.  This time around, I used the Weather Underground API to pull both current and forecast data in JSON format.
  • Display weather data generated outside the house via another ESP unit.  It polls temp, humidity and battery info (it’s solar powered) – Integrated with Blynk.
  • Poll and display the temperature of the hot tub – Integrated with Blynk.
  • Poll and display the status of garage doors (open/closed) – will be integrated in the future – Also integrated with Blynk.
  • Allow our kids to interact with the unit – sends notifications via BlynkPolls waste collection calendar information to show us which waste items are being collected on a weekly basis.
  • Show the current date and time – uses Blynk RTC widget
  • I also added a picture viewer which shows family photos (for those times when people are bored standing at the door waiting for others…)

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