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Resize / scale image

I know, that upload image 256x256 and display it in 64x64 takes more memory, but still, if i want to use both 256 and 64 images i must upload both of them.

Maybe it's still worth to possible to use images in more scales than 1:1 only? Or any scale & proportions?

The HMI stores the pixel color data matrix for the image in the TFT.  If you upload a 256x256 then it stores a 256x256 with 2 bytes per pixel for the 565 color of that pixel. 

There is indeed no room on the Nextion side firmware for such a graphics library.  Doing so would reduce the result to no space for the user HMI

and doing it at Editor side wouldn't make sense too ... we know and accept that any advanced external graphic software can do the job much better ... 

The right tool for the right job ... Editor for HMI's, Photoshop for Graphics ...

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