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'dp' system variable removed?

 When looking at the edited instruction set documentation in the Wiki I did not find the 'dp' system variable any more. Has it been removed? It returned sort of the same that the older 'sendme' command did, but was handy to be used without another function call.

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There has been some editing to fix a few missing return codes.  Maybe they'll bring it back in docs next year.  For now it still appears to be in the next version.

Thanks, I will leave it out my light Arduino library for the time being.

Oh, by the way: HAPPY NEW YEAR! We have some 8 hours to go :-)


Happy New Year too, about 12 hours to go here

As Gerry has about 25 minutes left ...

we can ask him in an hour if 2017 is good.

indeed veeeeeeery good ....

LOL  Quick, what was last night's winning lotto numbers?

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