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Nextion screen not working with arduino

I have a Nextion NX4832T035_011 but when I try to test it with this tutorial, I don't receive any serial information in the serial monitor:

I uploaded a .tft to the screen with two button components, with at touch release event: 'send Component ID' enabled.

Here is my arduino code, and .tft file... 

I'm using a Arduino Mega 2560

Please help me with this problem.

(607 Bytes)
(80.5 KB)

Curiosity, what happens when you ask the library authors about this question?

- the authors should be the ones to know how their code works.

How can I ask them?

Was that not their email inside the code you uploaded

Ricardo Mena C

And also inside both the library code files

Nextion.h and Nextion.cpp

Bentley Born

Ricardo Mena C

and this is the reason, why you post in "Nextion Bug Report"? Because you don't know how to contact the authors of your used library? 

Is there a way to check the functionallity of the screen? I don't think the code is wrong or anything like that.

Why would you think the code is not wrong?  Any Facts, or just a hunch?

Taken from the webpage you referenced:

The "65 0 2 0 ffff ffff ffff" was copy/pasted from the Serial Monitor. What does the message mean? Here is the official Nextion Instruction Set and a breakdown of the message:

  1. 65: This message is a touch event
  2. 0: The page ID is 0
  3. 2: Component ID (the number of the first button in the Editor)
  4. 0: Type of event. A "0" means a Release event, A "1" is a Press event
  5. FFFF FFFF FFFF: The end of message pattern

And yet if you are to check the link to the official Nextion Instruction Set
Does the official Nextion Instruction Set not clearly state in item #3

3.The returned data is ended with three bytes of “0XFF 0XFF 0XFF”.

So again curiosity, do you believe your blind faith is founded?
Do you think that an MCU will follow instructions haphazardly or exactly?

Just to be clear and not confusing

There are three sections in the Nextion Instruction Set this is noted.

1st Section is the Notes section at the top of the page just under

the Table of Contents ... section #1  here it is item #1

2nd Section is Format of Device Return Data, Section #6

above Table 1 - here it is item #3

3rd Section is Format of Device Return Data, Section #6

above Table 2 - here it is item #1

So is it possible the Official Nextion Instruction Set is perhaps incorrect?

Any reply answers to your query from the authors yet?

Is there an official Nextion Arduino tutorial which works?

I have sent the mail, but I like to test the hardware with some simple working Arduino code.

Next series of things for thought ...

You found the Nextion forum.  What was the link?

And you found the Report A BUG section.

Was your link this one?  And if not try it.

When I view the forum from this overview I can see the five sections

With the top 5 posts of each section.

Do you suppose Nextion FAQs visible here may be of use?

Perhaps Nextion user manual?  or Arduino Nextion Examples?

Perhaps going through the Free Chat topics to look for answers?

Or even using the Search Bar present on the top of screen.

You can find how to test your screen in the Data Sheet for your Model

As a matter of fact many answers are available if you read.

This is certainly not a BUG, and this case will be closed as Solved.

every display is factory preset with a working demo, 

which shows most functions in work ... doesn' this alrady

show, that it works? What else do you like to test?

And what is now your displays Bug?

This is the Bug forum ...

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