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Print text on lcd from uart.....HELP!


there are example for print text message on lcd send to lcd from uart?

Very thanks


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Please visit the following link to learn more about your Nextion it is a good place to start.

Please review the section Nextion Editor Quick Start Guide

- this will guide you through generating fonts and placing Components on your canvas

The Nextion device will then need to be updated with your project

the guide will explain building and uploading your TFT project to the device

To then update the Text Component on screen you need to serially send

t0.txt="Hello Word"ÿÿÿ   where each ÿ is 0xFF

The Nextion Instruction Set will provide all the text commands available

Arduino Nextion Examples in the Free Chat contains examples if using Arduino

As there are 1000s of MCUs that can accomplish Serial UART communications and over 100 different programming languages it can be accomplished with it is simply not practical to have examples for every MCU, this requires the user to read their MCU and compiler documentation.

Please also read other forum threads

Sending ASCII charactor from Arduino to display on Nextion

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