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Burned sonoff pow board



It looks like the fuse contact was not good they were loos and didn’t hold the fuse well got heated and Burned

natan galperin 

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this just happened to me on a TH16 board. not sure it happened for the reason you say it did.
it might appear loos after the burn because the metal expanded a bit.
is there someone to complain to?




yes it is the reason. just weld the fuse and it will work just fine 

Mine actually never stopped working. This looks to me like overload of current on the board, specifically the connection between the inlet and the fuse. I know I wasn't over loading mine in comparison to the manufacturing data. I applied 10 amps on a 16 amps device and it still failed.

Mine began to burn with awful smell... I was lucky I had a fire alarm that woke me up at 4 in the morning. I had a water heater hooked to it, approx 2700 W of power. They state it is capable to hold up to 3500... 

Had the same problem, using it for Water heater, usually sonoff indicates upto 10A, although the water heater is 16A.

it was burnt in the exact same place as previously posted pictures.. 

it seems like this pcb is not really 16A capable afterall.

happened after approximately  2 months of usage.

I've got a replacement from them, it looks a bit different: thicker welding and some other minor changes, but it burned again in a week: the cable connectors were too weak to hold thick 2.5 mm cables. I threw this crap away, got the "Switcher" - NIS 300 I'm fully satisfied with their switch
I thought about the switcher, dud and others.. They all doesn't have any API or any way to integrate with. Here is have http api, and i can replace the 8266 with espruna for mqtt support for domoticz..
I don't think they're worth burning your house, anyway.
Two of those burnt at my house. both while connected to "heavy" users.
on the one hand i agree that its not worth burning the house for, on the other hand every other switch you see in the market is based on some Chinese crap that is as  probably not much better than this.
I was actually thinking about printing my own PCB based on the esp8266. the ESPurna guy did something like that.


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