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Wifi string

i would like the simple code to get the text output from an existing working local wifi thermometer ( and display on my nextion display when connected to an arduinoMega with a Adafruit ATWINC1500 WiFi Breakout board. First, The wifi is working and registers an IP on the mega, but i am at a total loss as to what arduino wifi101 example i should even start with. Secondly, i am not sure what code is used to pull the string off of the so i can have it displayed on my nextion display. thank you.
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Please capture from the Arduino side the result of the request

This will need to be parsed on the Arduino side in Arduino C coding

Once you have isolated the temperature value

if float value use Text Component - t0.setText(&temp); where &temp is already converted to ascii

If integer value use Number Component n0.setValue(&temp); where temp is type uint32_t

But first you will need some C coding to isolate your temperature value.

The scope of Arduino C routines is not in the scope of Nextion.

You may need to seek assistance in coding for Arduino

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