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TFT buttons suddenly stop working

The screen buttons stop working and the rest of the screen was operating as normal. We are using this model screen Nextion nx4024t032. 

I'm attaching the photo of the part where it seems damage. 

What's the lifetime of this model screen 

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Please report if the touch_j command touch sensor recalibration has solved your issue.

I don't have any idea of touch_j command, can you provide me details of any kind of guide for it ?

Select Help under Help Menu inside the Nextion Editor

This should launch your browser and load Nextion HMI Solutions.

- this should be a starting for learning Nextion

Click on #3 Nextion Instruction Set link within Contents

click view more details, to bring up full Nextion Instruction Set

Click on 2.9 touch_j: Touch calibration

This is the limited details of the touch_j command.

- follow instructions from the Nextion device.

When you want help, and I recommend a course of action for you

- why do you not just issue it?

- do you prefer to wait for a second opinion?

6 days seems long for 30 second command.

Datasheet for the 3.2" is here

Backlight would probably be the first to go, ~30000hr or past 3 years of continual use.

Perhaps even longer ensuring a clean supply of power

When you try starting your Nextion up with just the test plug (no MCU) that came with it and an adapter

 - is it still alive?

How old was this 3.2"

The Nextion is still alive but some of the buttons are not working.It's not older then 6months

if there is no logic errors on your MCU side

issue a touch_j command to recalibrate the touch sensor.