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Create Password

I want to protect some objects like buttons, text, progressbar etc.

could you please guide me 

Your intention needs to be clearly defined

But, if I were restricting access to a page then the steps might include

1) have a global variable component with an obscure name h3f8t

2) whole procedures and setup were user would enter the password

3) have a global variable component with another obscure name x3j3f

4) in a button that would lead to the said secured page

5) in the touch release event a validation check to see if page change is ok



  page securedpage


But this technique is a cheap lock.

Also ineffective is setting the .pw text component attribute to mask with *

Password implies a larger security and this is simply too vague

Step 2 will require you to define and implement a means that the

user can enter such password.  This could involve creating a

touch pad keyboard, to triggering an MCU to read an RFID tag.

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