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Amazon echo / Dot

Hello Does anyone know if Sonoff WiFi switches work with the Amazon Dot / Echo Alexa voice commands??

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this is My latest project

You can see me pairing a Sonoff 4ch Pro switch here.  Generally very easy, though if you watch I used some unfortunate names for the device which confused poor Alexa!

Hi Watch this......have 20 at least now...all standard.


Are you using a upgraded sonoff WiFi switch ? or can you just link to your existing switch.

I tried to link them last night to my Alexa with in joy. 

Download the Ewelink as a skill, entered my email and password on the app, but it wont let me enable keeps going back to the home page on alexa.... I have noticed there is a message saying "Account linking required" 

Any ideas



I will be showing many video's over the next 2 or 3 weeks on many SONOFF Projects including ALEXA

check them out 


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And using dont need to say...alexa........ Just Ask Welink........pool on...... Ask Welink......Music on Ask Welink......lights off Easy peasy .......lemon.....squeezy
I have... Two houses working swimming pool pumps lights, kettle blue tooth amplifier and music.. I can control heating independently in the bathroom for those early starts.. All running from an Alexa Dot in the UK...yes..I'm sat by my pool 1000 miles away..and using Alexa in the UK and Reverb on my phone everything is connected... They are fantastic units...... my Wife can turn the CCTV of just by the I can't watch her sunbathing....... not everything is perfect.....

Hello All

Any updates???? 

As far as I can make out, the problem is with the server in Europe so when Amazon accept the request (from Itead I guess) they will setup the server and release the 'skill' for Alexa. This is expected POSSIBLY some time this coming week (commencing 19/03/17). As will all contracts with large companies, sometimes things take a little longer than planned.

Are there any news regarding Alexa in Europe?

Hope there will be a release asap!

Another question:
How do I update the firmware on the Sonoff Touch if it releases? 
Just through the app?

Kind regards


Alas Sonoff and Alexa only work together in the USA. 

This is what ITEAD emailed me: "The skill is only available for server in USA now.

We are applying for EU server, waiting for the feedback from Amazon."

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It really is less work then it appears,  I've already been waiting for local control for over a year.

Local (non internet) control was far more important then Alexa control, remember when the internet is down so is she!

great work but sounds a lot to do just to get round waiting a few weeks for the sonoff release.. 

You really can use any firmware available for the Sonoff

I used one created for Smartthings

I don't own a Smarthings hub or any hub.

My setup has the sonoff flashed and the HA-Bridge running on windows.

HA-bridge is a universal app capable on running on any OS.

You can use the sonoff with any hub, as long as you can setup a module with a url address in it

My system goes as follows and gives me echo control.

Sonoff Switches... ESPeasy here

Home Automation server .... Openhab 2 click here

MQTT server... Mosquitto click here

MQTT Binding... Click here

Up till now I have been using hue emulation within Openhab2 which has been working brilliantly.  Openhab2 has just released an Alexa skill though, and this might be an even better route to go.  I have not tried it out yet.

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