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Sharing devices in ewelink

Have been trying to add my devices to my ewelink other account on my tablet from my phone, and ewery time i get user dosent exsist.............

my main account cant find my other accounts now i have made 2 and nothing helps!!!!

5 people have this problem

how to reset Sonoff TH

I think its case-sensitive. By default you have auto capitalization enabled on your phone, it means the first letter will be capital.

Anyone know how to create scene with shared device?


On loging in with other device the first device login expires ? When trying to register other mobile - website says the account does not exist. I am from India. Can we have multiple device for same Sonoff at same Network? At the same time?

It's too bad that only one device could signup on only one eWeLink account on Android at a time.

Me & my wife got disconnected so many times in a day that it is very frustrating to use it.

Maybe developping a white list of devices that we can manage on our account (with a long life token) could be a solution?

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