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Arduino with Nextion Editor

I am trying to use Nextion editor to display temperature and humidity directly from arduino for testing purpose.

is it possible

Temperature and Humidity with a D?-11 has been asked already in Free Chat

- Look through the Free Chat threads to find this topic

The code there may be useful to you

You can also Google

   Nextion + DHT11 or Nextion+Temperature

It should bring back to the Forum post where it is.

I mean to say, can we display these values directly to Nextion editor for testing purpose not with LCD 

No, not in that manner.

Debug simulator in Nextion Editor replicates Nextion firmware, not an Arduino program.

So we can type n0.val=23 to simulate manually, as in to say Arduino would send this later

this will simulate n0 changing to 23, but Editor does not connect to Arduino MCU

Debug button on taskbar launches the Nextion Debug Simulator

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