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Sound effect when touch the buttons

Is there any option to put sound effect with buttons or any other touch

and how do you like to "output" them?

From any pin of MCU

From your MCU you would need some type of circuit and corresponding code.

You would have to capture the touch event 0x65 series of Nextion Return Codes

   and respond to them as you wish when they are received.

But Yes, it can be done - but beyond the scope of Nextion - domain of MCU.

 and how do you like to connect to "any pin of MCU"? Soldering cables?

just a small buzzer of 5v will connect to GND and any pin of MCU

i am already using with one of my project with a normal 128x64 dot matrix LCD and some mechanical buttons and all buttons have a beep sound when pressed

But in this case, it is through Nextion and i don't have an idea to do this press/touch for each

i need some hints and then i can go through

Any component can set Send Component ID checkbox in Touch Press/Touch Release.

This triggers the Nextion Return Code series 0x65 in Nextion Instruction Set

IteadLib Arduino Nextion Library is entirely based on the 0x65 Return Code series

- examples are in the examples folder - can't get better than that.

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