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Items ID updating by itself after few change on page

Hello, I got a big problem. Now it's the third time it do that. 

Tonight I just make few change on the page. I deleted around 5 items and later I saw that all items Id updated by itselft! At the same time, make all the code inside the screen and inside arduino wrong because now the Id is not the same.

I never had this problem before (with previous version).

So now I have to review again all component Id, it's too late to go back I used the debug function so it save it automatically.

I understand why it do that. The editor fill the empty Id when I deleted others components. But you have to do something with that. Make the Id available for new component but please dont update all other ID to fill the blank!

Thank You

Stephane Jean

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 Hi Stephane,

to delete Objects is always a bit tricky. Especially when deleting Objects somewhere in the middle of your ID list.

As a strategy in general, mark and move all important Object ID's to the top of your ID list after create your HMI. When you afterwards delete or change some less importants, this won't influence the above ones.

The ID list is always treated sequentially from top to down. That's just the way it works ...


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