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Just a "Thank you!"

 Hi Gerry and (particularly) Patrick,

I wanted to say "Thank you!" for the tremendous support you are providing here! Your patience and devotion are awesome.

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 Hi Michael,

thank's a lot for your kind words. It is our both (Patricks and mine) passion and pleasure to help where we can.

Since we jump in, we had a lot work, many things to do. But I think we are on a good way. The Nextion is surely not 100% perfect, but it is nevertheless a great value for the money. And when I start play with it, I find daily more and more I can do with it ...

Merry Xmas


Thanks Michael

The award belongs to many who take the time to help.


PS: - contest closes 11:59pm on Dec 19th.

Don't forget to enter.

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