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Trigger timer of Nextion through Arduino

In normal, nextion timer (tm0) value (en is 1 for ON and 0 for OFF)

is there any way by which i can trigger this timer through arduino on the basses of temperature

for example

if (temperature <=30)


what suppose to write here for ON timer




what suppose to write here for OFF timer


above will be in the VOID LOOP 

and what will be in VOID SETUP or how to create this type of communication

int_t nst;                               // nextionsidetimer

if(temperature <= 30)


  if(nst != 1)



    nst = 1;


} else {

  if(nst != 0)



    nst = 0;



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I tried this code but an error

 error: 'nst' was not declared in this scope

please guide

nst was the first line in my example, try uint32_t nst

 - where it is declared is the scope.

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