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TH 10 Temperature alert

It would be very useful if the TH10 could send an email alert if a certain condition is met. I wish to monitor a glycol chiller and would like to receive an email alert if a reading exceeds a set value. Is this currently possible or could it be in a future version of the App or hardware?

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Yes, this would be very useful!

I would love that too!

That is something I very much want - I plan to use my sonoff to monitor the temperature in my second home (in another country). If the temperature gets low enough to risk freezing pipes I would like a warning email or whatsapp message so I can ask a friend to visit and check that the heating switches on properly.

This would be a great feature I would use it

Come on Itead,  let's make this happen.

Agree.  Having Ewelink provide a "scene" that includes sending an email alarm would be ideal.

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