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inverted Slider


I am looking to make an slider  where value decrease when swipe from left to right

by default the slider increase the value . tried to invert the min max but do not seems to work 

any idea or suggestions 


One option would be to change your approach.

If you create your font to be upside down and the letters/numbers to be interposed,

then when you set your display at 270/180 rotation, it will appear visually correct.

The other method, may have zip to do with the h0.val but rely on the n0.val.

In this approach, use h0 slider Pressed Move and Released events to update n0

in all three events place n0.val=h0.max-h0.val

then do not pull the h0.val, but pull the n0.val when needed.

Thanks Patrick 

Well changing approach is the right way however i need was for temperature control increase slider to increase cooling  ( but temp dropping ) 

n0.val= A-h0.val served my purpose , 

where A is fixed integer based on the range of temp my case 18-38 deg c i calculated A to (56) 

many thanks 

So is the n0.val your requested temperature, or sensor reported ...

sometimes they are different ...

n0.val is my set temperature ( requested temp ) that I am going to send to my MCU to setup the temp , the sensor value is only for display t0.val

t0.val would be a number component right?

Because t0 is the default first Text Component ... and text doesn't have a val.

Yes you are right Typo error :( my bad 

 t0 is text components , 

there is an advantage to both the number and text components regarding temperatures.

the temperature value being returned is numerical, but Nextion is only integer based.

so if you want to display an integer representation such as 23 ... use number components

but if you want to display as a float such as 23.2, covert float to string and use text components.

Got it , thanks for the tip will share first look of product soon ,....

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