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wepo/repo in debugger not completely supported?

 Hi all,

it looks like the repo/wepo commands are not fully implemented in the debugger - or do I miss something here?

If I do a "wepo n1.val,4", I would expect a "repo n1.val,4" would restore n1.val to whatever I had written to offset 4 in the EEPROM. In the debugger, though, I always will get back a 0 value.

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Write once, read many. Yes, thanks.

Think about your eeprom use, 512 bytes of my 1K is written when received

from this point, reads are much better

but certainly try not to write in each every loop / compare

wepo "JanuaryFebruaryMarchApril",40 in an init and then removed

then it is always there - only reads are needed thereafter.

writes use cycles, reads aren't counted this way

But that is the gist of my substring.

I certainly agree a command for such would be much better

It's certainly possible to hammer eeprom to death, but what's the expected life of this eeprom--100,000 writes? (I'm ignorant of the real number.). It might be usable, especially if the base strings are constants. 

Much better, though, would be real string find and substring commands.

Yes, for eeprom substringing, it works. I haven't looked at Patrick's substringing code, and for all I know it could be the sam.

For any valid position, and valid start and end (s0 and s1), with length of va0 of 1, this works (not in simulation)

wepo "JanuaryFebruaryMarchApril",40





repo va0.txt,sys2



Puts "March" into t1.txt.

Well, yes, that is the substr() mechanism I had in mind, but for the slowness and limited life of the EEPROM it makes not that much sense. If the source string would be in SRAM, though...
The scope of pondering what I am ignorant of is too great, but thanks for another instance of the use of the b[] array.


What do you make of Lance's month name eeprom implementation?

Notice anything intriguing?

You'll need to ponder it more

But I will give you a way to grab months without eeprom, much quicker.

create 12 text variables, with sequential .id, txt-maxl of 3

look at the .id of the first of these variable .id, later you will sub 1

 - so if your id is 1,   b[rtc1].txt

 - but if your first .id is 36 then access it by b[rtc1+35].txt

Not sure what you mean. I realize that I have a way to get a text indicator of the month, given the value of rtc1, that works on an enhanced Nextion, but not in the simulator.

So Lance,

Since you realized your Feb - do you realize what you have?

I regress Lance, with maxl of 3, it might be actually possible.

But if I continue on the debate of eeprom in simulation,

With multi-devices and multi-eeproms, managing which eeproms should be simulated is a nightmare at best

It also creates another layer of complexity with customer customization -those that order with larger eeproms

The debugger may require a fair amount of rework as it is

But I'll share something a bit interesting

 - when I created my Nextion Side EEPROM Editor,

 - the response was more like - why? 

   Shouldn't people already know what they stored

And when the Debug doesn't always send what is expected

- your eeprom results will not be as expected.

So why does Debug not send what you expect?

The code editor translates characters for the iso

 - this is rooted in windows, and not on a 2K PIC

But for .txt values - they need to support not just English

  but Russian, Greek, Hebrew, etc ....

I would argue then, that much rework would be needed for eeproms

  (It could also perhaps fix timers while it is being reworked)

But the main point of the Editor was for the HMI design

The debate can certainly be argued successfully on both sides



Not so when length of receiving field is 3, as stated. Tested on a real Nextion (for Jan).

So, you can not read Feb out that way.

You will return FebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec

read until null

I would argue that in simulation, wepo/repo should work at least for the duration of the current debug session. This should give me, in simulation, a t10.txt value of "Feb" (when rtc1 is 2 and the t10.txt_maxl=3).

wepo "JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec",0


repo t10.txt,sys0 

Yes, I know this can be done in code with "if" statements, and yes, the wepo statement would be removed after the real Nextion eeprom is loaded the first time.

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