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Display to dark


With the 2.4 "Nextion the display is very dark.
Can the background lighting be higher than 100% ( dim 100 -->  dim 110 ) ?

Or you can convert to the board --> Poti / Replace the resistor
Thanks for information


Hmmm.  How could one accomplish such 110% percent?  100% is 100% no?

It is my understanding that the glass could break under a higher heat dissipation by a brighter backlight.

Please provide a photo of "very dark" at 100%, perhaps you have fried your backlight.

 perhaps you have fried your backlight. / dont have this.
I have 2 Nextion 2,4"
1 piece      NX3224T024_011  

This is 90%

1 piece     NX3224K024_011   This is ok

Both are new

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Christian, I apologize this is the weekend, and I will need to wait to get a second and third opinions.

- but know I haven't forgotten about or ignoring your issue.

Second opinion in, top display is too bright.  Manufacturing spec within range.

Solution is to bring dim down to maybe 80 by issuing dims=80

Also for correctness, your Nextion has a backlight LEDs built in, you do have them.

Hi Christian,

from technical side, it is as it is. LED's have a wide variation factor in production. Even within one production cycle, you have variations.

- variations in color temperature

- variations in resistance

- variations in brightness

This differences became bigger and bigger based on

- different production loads

- different manufacturers

Normally, you won't buy directly from a manufacturer, more like from a mass reseller. So, you just buy e.g. 10000 ultrabright white LED's for your backlight ...

But it is out of your control

- how many of the 10000 are from same manufacturer

- how many are from same production load

So, when you now produce 10000 Nextion displays, you also have 10000 different bright ones with same DIM level.

In best case you won't recognice the difference, in worst case you do.

I attached a PDF, which shows you photos of a professional 48x48 LED matrix. Left side photo is the original, right side photos are filtered, to make differences a bit more visible.

All 2304 LED's should show the exact same, but they don't ... And now imagine, you use this 2304 as backlite for 2304 Nextions ...

There is really nothing you can do about in a technical sense ... just don't make the dark more bright, make the bright just a bit more dark, and both are same again ...


yes I can understand that.


But in the outside.
Which I too dark.
Had so far 60 pieces of these ITDB022-1.8SP 1.8"    outside you could see well. verry good.
the NEXTION Is worse than that.
It is better if you can adjust the brightness as a customer from 105% to 10%
Even if the lifetime is shorter, that's okay for me.

sorry, but such kind of displays are not designed for outside usage per se ... they are indoor displays. The fact that you can use them outdoor in bright sunlight, does neither mean that they are build for nor does it make real sense in terms of long term usability.

- outside bright sunlight

- outside temperature conditions

- outside humidity range

- ...

Such devices are just not designed to handle above ...

And a 1.8' is not the same than a 2.2' or 2.4" ... the bigger, the more influenced by above and some more. That's somekind compare apples with bananas. Both are fruits, so why don't they taste same? 

Did you ever use a Notebook in bright sunlight outside? I am not sure if it is a slick idea to blame HP or Lenovo for the same ... and even tell them "ummmmpf but my lil 1.8' works sooooooo good ...."  :-)

Yes you are right. (Outside)
But also for inside it is a little bit too dark.
At least the two Nextion, I have
But the Nextion is a really nice display

So from my understanding the additional brightness of the first display is the one that is slightly exceeding the limit.  I was assured that it is within acceptable tolerance and will not crack the glass (*fingers-crossed) as a result of the added heat from the backlights.  You will want to set dim down a bit on the first.  The second display is the one more at spec.

It is best not to try and push both to their limits and beyond, it is bad enough one is so close to that line.

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