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How to upload firmware to Nextion STM32F030C8T6

Hi All, 

I have fried my Nextion display (2.4") probably just by plug it in reverse way to power supply. So I suppose this will occur to many others. 

I send a message to Nextion, but had no answer. 

After some search, I found that it is the CPU  (STM32F030C8T6) that is killed (short cut in the CPU). As  it would be very bad to through away the nextion display just for that, I wish to replace the CPU. 

My question is how to put back the firmware in the CPU ?  I have another similar nextion board. Can I read  the firmware from this board ? and how ? 

Is the firmware  downloadable  from iteadstudio. That would be the best. 

How then to flash it again on the board, assuming that I have properly soldered the new  STM32 chip. 

I hope to have answers to these questions, as I found that nextions are great devices that I have supported since their  kickstarter campaign. 

And when was your message to Nextion?  via ?

+ New Support ticket is in upper right corner of every forum page

I certainly did not receive your query, and would have if you had created a support ticket.

If you have been supporting since Itead's Nextion Indiegogo campaign (not kickstarter), then as you have been following their progress, you will know that the Nextion firmware is a joint project between Itead and TJC, and making the firmware is simply not within their ability to provide in any public manner due to legal reasons.

As unfortunate as it is to fry any favoured device, exacting care to double check circuits and connections is the nature of electronics.

A repair can probably be made by sending the device to Itead where firmware is not accessable publically, but your shipping costs would make this less attractive than a new purchase.  (for the ~$20 for a new 2.4", certainly from an economical stance $20 is the most cost effective way - perhaps on the 7" it would be different, but mostly not).

The statements implying all the effort to save and salvage an inexpensive device is completely contradicted by a statement to "through away" (sic) the same device. - In a worse case you have parts, a very nice touch display that can be remounted into another project, and a Winbond SPI flash and Xtal touch.  Even assuming remounting an new STM32F030C8T6 MCU would allow you to reprogram the STM32 as you were to see fit - just with your own programming and not the Nextion firmware.  If you have the skills to effect repairs, you also have the skills to repurpose the components in a useful manner - I personally would not "throw away".  ST pays ARM for 1 year Keil licences to the STM32F0 series chips, so this compiler you would have use of for free.  All STM32F030C8T6 documentation is available from ST.  So again, not a throw away scenario.

But, to have a functioning 2.4" Nextion again, will probably mean another purchase. 

Due to legal reasons: the Nextion firmware will not be made available in any public manner.

Thanks Patrick for you rapid and precise answer. 

Of course, you are right, it was Indiegogo. The question I asked was through the  "contact" of the main 

itead site.  I just registered  today on the forum. Next time I will post  any potential problem here 

or use a ticket. 

I have indeed the capacity to change the  STM32 chip. But I understand your reasons for not releasing  the firmware. Could you consider selling the programmed STM32 as a spare  part for the nextions ? 

This would save a lot in shipping. 

Otherwise,  if I were to recycle the board by soldering a new blank chip. Which one would you advice that will provide maximum power with still the compatibility with the hardware ? 


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