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Picture in Gauge fixed to top left corner of screen

I reported this as a ticket. Probably wrong. Apologies,

 but when I create a Gauge and add an image to it, the image is fixed to the top left corner of the screen and is unmovable. If I move the Gauge the image does not follow the Gauge. See attachment



that's not a bug, that's the normal behave, that's how it was designed and implemented  ... when you choose a croped Image as background, the image must be in the full screen size, and not in the size of your gauge. You even get this information when you like to choose a graphic ...

In such a case you must design your screenlayout within a graphics editor and just import the whole graphic


(191 KB)


Thanks for the reply.  Clear!!. However could it be an improvement in future?



 not really. Croped Images are not only part of Gauges, you also can find them in many other Objects ... the croped image is basically nothing more than a background, which is showen partially. To do this all in reasonable speed, it is much more easy to process all in one block rather than in different separate objects ...

To change the whole underlaying concept is a bit out of scope ... at least for now ... but who knows what is tomorrow ..

Keep in mind, the Nextion is no PC, it is an embedded device ...

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