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Nextion and Marlin Firmware

So I've been working on my own Nextion display for my 3D Printer running Marlin Firmware.

So far its going well:



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Feel free to use anything from the attached HMI.

Some Features

 - Keyboard

 - Screensaver

 - Auto Timeout of menu

 - Animation

(3.69 MB)

So I wanted a display for my 3D printer that looked "pretty".  I'm an avid Marlin firmware fan and decided to embark on a project to get a Nextion display connected.  So far, this is the results of my en-devours.  Its by no means complete, but it works well.

Firstly I would like to say how impressed I am with the Nextion display.  I've found it robust, easy to use and fun.

One other reason I created this project was to take the display handling and overheads involved away from my 3D printer and let my Nextion device that is designed for that to handle it.  All i have to do is send the right data at the right time to the display using serial.

Some Features:

- Keyboard

I found the need to implement a full screen keyboard to allow GCode input.  When pressing enter, the text is sent to the printer and put on the buffer.

- ScreenSaver

I put a timer on most of the main screen that counts 5 minutes and then displays a screen saver.  The timer variable only counts up to about 65 seconds, so I created a variable that held an integer that would increment on each timer interval.  The timer was set to 36 Seconds so when the counter reaches 10, 5 minutes would have elapsed, triggering the screensaver.  The screensaver simply randomizes a picture onto the screen.

- Auto Time Out

On most screens, after 30 seconds a timer causes the main screen to appear if not touch inputs.  For each page, each component that can receive a press has a reset of the timer.  Timers can be reset from my experience by disabling then enabling them again.

-  Animation

On the main screen, if the fan is on or the bed is heating, there is a simple series of images that are shown, looking like an animation.  I used a timer to increment a variable that represents the image number to display.

I will continue to add features, but they will really be variations of what already exists in the project.  I'm hoping to also add SD card browsing.

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Here are some images from the display

(19.9 KB)
(19.1 KB)
(26.4 KB)
(20.3 KB)

Your project looks good.  Don't forget to enter it in the Christmas competition to win a 5".

Pretty cool, thanks for sharing. I was just looking on how to make a screensaver with the current Time. I got some ideas from your .hmi


Have you seen my project?

If you need anything you can take a cue from them ...

Still nice !!! Bravo!

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