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Screen Editor Command Question


We need your help in several points about the nextion 2.8" screen,

1- In editor commands how can we change the x,y axis (location) of the image or text by using command.

2- Is there any possibility to use Arabic letters on the screen in texts?

3- You know we install the screen menu into the screen by using micro sd card, is there any way to install the screen menu from the data cables on the screen?

If there is any points that I cannot explain please contact with me for giving you more explanation of questions.

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Hi Mehmet

For your first question, I refer you to the Nextion Instruction Set  #GUI Designing Commands

- Text Components and Picture Components are usually placed by the Nextion Editor at design time

   - the .x and .y attributes for their placement becomes static and fixed at runtime.

- The xpic, pic, picq commands will place pictures and the xstr command will place text at runtime

   - when using these gui designing commands, there is no component attributes

   - changing their location dynamically at runtime will be the result of crafty coding techniques.

For your second question, Arabic letters are possible, but limited

- the font generator can produce Arabic letters when the project is set to iso-8859-6

   - If the font is less than desired, you may need to use the ZI Font Editor v -0.08

- the zi font format is limited to 1/2 width of font height and height in multiples of 8.

- there is no character rendering engine for joining letters in this embedded format

- many times for better quality, the wording is statically included in your project via pictures

  - your favorite graphics program will assist in creating nicer quality text.

For the final question

- Using the Rx/Tx wires to upload your completed and compiled TFT file

   - requires a FOCA or USB to TTL cable, the upload button from inside the Nextion Editor

   - review

- The firmware is limited in that the microSD onboard the Nextion has "no real filesystem"

  - therefore there is only one TFT file permitted on the Nextion microSD

- If you MCU has a microSD, then your MCU program could include a filesystem

  - the specifications for uploading the TFT are

  - The IteadLib Arduino library also includes NexUpload coding for this purpose

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