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Bring forward / Send backward / Tab with all components in page

I'm not sure if this has been requested previously.

It would be useful to have two extra buttons "Bring forward" and "Send backward" in order to change the order of components only one level at a time, see attached picture:


An alternative solution would be to have a tab showing all components in the page and two arrow icons like in the Page tab, see attached picture:


The Page Component Pane (second suggestion) has been suggested and is being considered.

The ordering of components from 1 to N has benefit, and hence Bring Top (N) and Bring Bottom (1)

Stacking of Components increases the result of flickering on refreshes

Reduce the stacking by including the component visually in the background page pic

and using vis to remove the top most component will produce better non-flickering results

But generally the Nextion HMI is not a layering device as it only has one graphic memory for the screen

If you are needing to use layering, there is usually HMI design considerations being overlooked.

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I forgot to mention, I do report ALL user suggestions: the good, the bad and the way-way-out-there.

Just so that you know that the users do have representation.

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