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Itead's 1st Nextion Christmas Challenge **

Hey folks!  So here is the scoop ...

       Itead is throwing their first Nextion Challenge:

         (December 1, 2016 to December 19, 2016)

             Here is your chance at winning

   an Enhanced 5.0" Nextion Display with Expansion Board

      Your entry will demonstrate your slick idea,

           genius usage of available resources,

     that extends your Nextion far beyond normal

So bring your A Game, and showcase your skillz

  - We will publish the best 25 contributions here

  - We will select the champion from these best 25

  - The champion will win the grand prize

  - the other 24 will receive a small mystery gift

Forum Users:

     you will get your chance to upvote your favourites

     - so don't forget to cheer your champion on

So get ready, on your mark, get set ... and CODE!

       visit now!

Please keep this thread clean

Discussions for the Contest can be made in Free Chat

December 20th Update:  The contest is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.

   * And extra thanks for those that read and followed the rules. 

Special thanks to everyone at Itead Studios that made this contest happen.

Though we aimed to selected the best 25 finalists, just 10 entries received

 - so all of the entries have been posted below.

Up voting will be limited to a 24-48 hour period

 - we want to be able to announce the contest winner before Christmas.

 - besides up voting, discussions should be made in Contest Chatter

December 26th Update:

Congratulations to our winners:

1st Place - 5.0" Enhanced Nextion Display + Expansion Board
  • for showcasing his technique using dual progress bars to create his centered bi-directional expanding component.  Francisco specifically described his slick usage he was demonstrating, included the required picture and HMI files, and kept his video to under 40 sec as required by the rules of the challenge.  The challenge winner, winning our grand prize goes to:
  • Francisco Martinez, AutoPilot display

2nd Place - 2.4" Enhanced Nextion Display
  • The judges felt two other projects rose above their competitors. It was the judge's decision to create a last minute second place prize for these two contributions, awarding a second place prize to both:
  • Alberto Cotronei, MK4duo
  • Adel AL-Marzouqi. Controlling and Monitoring a System

3rd Place - $10 coupon code
  • We prepared for 25 finalists, but so few entered. Our other non disqualified challenge runner ups will receive a $10 coupon code as their mystery gift, and apply it towards an item of the choosing, these are awarded to:
  • Solivio Marcon, Motorcycle Active Dashboard
  • Mikhail Demin, AirBrew
  • Nima Mokhtarzadeh, Comac Hand dryer

Competitor entries not meeting the 11:59pm December 19th, 2016 deadline
  • Such entries were not considered for the challenge competition.  All effort was made to ensure late entrants were given a chance - keeping the challenge open until 12:01am Dec 20th, 2016 in Baker Island (the last place on earth to hit the midnight deadline) accepting entries up to that point before finally closing the challenge.

Competitor entries that did not include required HMI and Picture files
  • This was an intellectual challenge that had few rules.  It was clear that HMI file and one picture would need to be included with the entry.  It was unfortunate that those not submitting their required picture and HMI files were disqualified and lost their chance of being able to win a prize.
  • It is essential to read the rules of the Challenges and Competitions for what is required for entry.  This last challenge was of an intellectual nature, requiring to showcase the technique - future Competitions and Challenges will be of a differing nature and will have different requirements - please read the challenge and rules carefully.  Tailor your entries to the challenge.

Competitors that tried to enter via incompatible thought technologies
  • It was a requirement that entries needed to be submitted via our contest server.  It was unfortunate, but our server is not equipped to handle such thought transmissions.  We encourage you to make a physical attempt for your entries on our future challenges.

We would like to thank everyone who participated, both those in an active and a passive manner.  We hope that everyone had fun, and please keep your attention for our future challenge announcements

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#4) MK4duo

  • by Alberto Cotronei
  • MK4duo is firmware for 3d printers, based on Marlin firmware
  • Nextion Editor v0.41  Basic 4.3" Model

MK4duo if firmware for 3d printers, it is compatible with Arduino Mega and Arduino DUE. The idea of putting a touch screen came to me when I saw the nextion on Kickstarter. The Nextion allows you to use the printer in all of its capabilities. Also as it is seen in the video I have also created the opportunity to see in real time what the printer is printing. Unfortunately from one video you can not see all the features. There are still many things to do and mend but gradually the proggeto grows. I am fully satisfied with this display, I just need more features to the editor. The MK4duo firmware you can find it at this address.



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The nature of the challenge was to do something slick and/or genius

... something a bit above normal nextion out of the box that enhances general usage

It certainly wouldn't have required an entire project just to demonstrate their slick idea in 40 sec.

But really, I am super surprised so few made an attempt.  So many prize go unawarded.

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Woooo, really thank you for select my projects in the first position. I saw the advertise of the challenge just one day before it finish, so I do the video and photo so quickly that I thought that probably didn't work. And I know that can son strange, but was my first video uploaded to YouTube, XD, I'm a old school guy. About the Nextion screen, I think that are a really good solution for projects that need a display. Thanks to all again.

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#3) AirBrew

  • by Mikhail Demin
  • Automation for home brewery
  • Nextion Editor v0.40  Enhanced 5.0" Model

I develop software for home brewers. The project is based on the display Nextion Enhanced and the microcontroller esp8266.



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 .... and that's all folks, these are this years 10 contestants.

So we again thank those that made a contribution,

and a very special thanks to those at Itead for making this Challenge happen.

So begin your up voting now, the time to up vote your fav will be limited indeed.

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Congratulations to Francisco and thanks for my second place ...

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Hello all,

just a question comes into my mind ... Yo2ldk, when you write "we all have ideas" may I ask, what was the reason that you didn't participate in our little contest and introduce one of them?

A forum like this, as well as all offered activities, becames valuable and alive for the community thru the community. Moderators like Patrick or me only can assist and help, but main activities should come out of the community itself.
And we like to understand, why there had only been 10 final contributers out of a few 1000 who at least entered and read the initial page, who even visit this forum regularly and even post here.

We plan much more such activities for 2017, but as told, they all became alive thru you all. And I would expect a few more participants than 10 ...

Happy Merry Christmas to you all ...



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@Bayram Guran

You said it was mailed?  Entries were suppose to be submitted via the contest server

entry.hml form.  When was your entry mailed to what address?

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#2) Motorcycle Active Dashboard

  • by Solvio Marcon
  • This project uses a Nextion Display as a main motorcycle interface
  • Nextion Editor v0.40  Basic 2.8" Model

I'm using a Nextion HMI display as main dashboard for my bike. The display communicates with a main ECU placed below the motorcycle seat. The display is assembled in a 3D printed housing, which includes 4 general purpose LEDs. The dashboard is able to display the following data:

    - Motor rpm

    - Vehicle speed

    - fuel level

    - selected gear

    - water temperature

    - air temperature

    - odometer

    - ECU or engine errors

I'm also using the touch screen to set up some motorcycle functions, as the heated grips or the hazard lights. this is still a work in progress, but the dashboard is already correctly working on the motorcycle (BMW K75).


  • Project HMI File: included
  • Picture File: included

#5) WiFi Button

  • by Francesco Boscarino
  • Push the button and get things done!
  • Nextion Editor v0.41  Basic 2.4" Model

Like Amazon Dash Button, using ESP8285 and a very simple circuit and firmware is possible to build a Dash Button clone with open features, like MQTT commands, to control home device using NodeRED platform.

  • Project HMI File:  missing
  • Picture File:  missing

#6) Moustly printed CNC

  • by Ove Karlsson
  • CNC controller router , that can switch tools like lasercutter engraver , 3D printer. Dragkroken etc.
  • Nextion Editor v0.41  Basic 7.0" Model

I have today a HMI on a raspberry pi and 7inch screen that is funktional but i have been qurious about making a better HMI with a screen that allows me to design My own look of how i want it to look with the buttons and other stuff. I believe that the Nextion display would work great for me but until now i have managed with the solution i have today. The Nextion displays will make it possible to develop this projekt further the way i see it and maybee the perfecr solution to a lot of problems so i would be wery happy if i could get hold of one for free to try to develop this to the next level.

#7) Controlling and Monitoring a System using Bilingual Human Machi

  • by Adel AL-Marzouqi
  • The purpose of this project is to control a system using bilingual HMI (Human Machine Interface).
  • Nextion Editor v0.40  Basic 5.0" Model

The purpose of this project is to control a system using HMI (Human Machine Interface), with ON/OFF Controller or PID Controller, Briefly we will have a tank, the tank will contain three loops, the first loop will have a temperature sensor and a heater, so the temperature sensor will send data to the HMI and it will be displayed on the touch screen, so we can control the heater using the screen, The second loop will contain a pump and ultrasonic sensor, The ultrasonic sensor will measure the level of water in the tank and the level will be displayed on the touch screen, and there will be an ON/OFF Controller to turn the Pump ON and OFF, Third loop will only contain a flow meter that will measure the flow rate and data will be displayed on the HMI Indicator, The Touch screen will display all data and information need to be known on the screen for example (alarms, set point, variables, and indicators , etc .. ), Also there will be a real time simulation for the system.


  • Project HMI File:  included
  • Picture File:  included

#8) openHomeControl

  • by Sam Mrtnt
  • openHomeControl, a simple interface to control your home automation system.
  • Nextion Editor v0.40  Enhanced 7.0" Model

The goal of this project is to provide an interface for controlling a Home Assistant instance. We've not always our laptop or our smartphone switched on; a simple interface, realised with a nextion display and connected to an ESP8266 could be a really good choice. I've already a Github ( page with some examples (with Sonoff switches, for example) with Home Assistant and the MQTT protocol. This protocol is a good way to exchange data between the home automation controller and the display (ESP8266/ESP32).

#9) Autopilot display

  • by Francisco Martinez
  • A minimal display for an autopilot of a vessel
  • Nextion Editor v0.40  Basic 4.3" Model

A display simulating e-ink display for a bridge control panel. Is used to show data required for the autopilot system. That is propeller power and rudder position. The brightness is also configurable using a potenciometer. The special need for the display is a progressbar that need to be able to start from the middle and increase to both side. That is done using 2 bars with opposite colors for background and foreground and a data modification in the arduino.


(392 KB)

#10) Comac Hand dryer

  • by Nima Mokhtarzadeh
  • A LCD integrated hand dryer can display real-time info , slide show and device specification.
  • Nextion Editor v0.40  Enhanced 5.0" Model

this is world first hand dryer with integrated LCD can monitor device specification and display advertising messages and real-time information.


  • Project HMI File:  included
  • Picture File:  included
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