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How to use "scene" with 2 pcs of Sonoff toperate a roller shutter?

I would liked to use 2 pcs of a single Sonoff, or 1 dual Sonoff, to operate a roller shutter (see attachment).

1. The motor of this roller shutter has 2 wires, black and brown, to open or close it.

2. 1 Wire for up and 1 for down (see attachment).

3. When I use 1 Sonoff for up, opening the roller shutter, the motor of the roller shutter will automatically switch of when the roller shutter is fully open. The Sonoff is still “on” and this is okay.

4. When I want to close the roller shutter I switch the second Sonoff to “on” and the roller shutter will close, but at the moment I click on “on” the first Sonoff should immediately automatically switch to “off”.

5. When I want to open the roller shutter again I click the first sonoff to “on” and then the second Sonoff should immediately automatically switch to “off”.

Jack from ITEAD is really helpful and he suggested I should use "scene" for this, but I can't figure out how to do this. Can anyone help me in explaining how this "scene" works?

I thank you in advance for your help.

You should use one piece of Sonoff DUAL


Thank you, but 1 piece of Sonoff Dual will work the same as 2 pcs of a single Sonoff I think. The problem is that if 1 is switched to ON the other automatically needs to switch to OFF.

I have found something else, It is specially designed for this use..


Hello. I also need this function. I have one tubular motor with 4 cables. First 220v for UP direction, second 220v for DOWN direction, third is neutral and forth is ground. If i use the new Sonoff 4ch PRO in interlock mode can i control my tubular motor? This device has 4 relays and with interlock mode, only one relay could be on, every time you turn on one relay, all other go to off automatically. So i can use the first relay for UP direction, the second relay for Down direction and the third relay without a connection only to STOP the other relays. Is this right, or i'm missing something here?

Hi Ketikidis, I think you should use this, I use it and it works perfectly. This device has two relays, 1 for up and 1 for down. The only thing is that it doesn't have a stop function, but usually this isn't a problem because the tubular motor has a stop function.


Oops, I just saw this product is retired. That would be a problem for me. At the moment I only have 1, but need several more. Does anyone know if there is an alternative?


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