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Arduino UNO nextion library

Please some one post to download working ARDUINO nextion library for ARDUINO UNO..

I just download Arduino nextion Library and modify as per the description form 

but its not working with arduino Uno. some one please upload to download nextion library for ARDUINO UNO

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Please review the file of the Iteadlib

Here you find the explanation that due to the Uno limitations of only one serial,

that the nexSerial will need to be redirected and can be done so after disabling the Debug Serial.

This is really one step of editing the config file, but two details to pay attention to.

But the IteadLib most definitely already works for Arduino Uno.

Please refer to the technical documentation of Arduino Uno.

Not every function of the Nextion Instruction Set is captured by the IteadLib,

for this, additional user programming will be required as the user desires.

For this, please refer to the Arduino regarding how to program the Arduino.

The main functionality needed for HMI is the touch event notification

- for this the attachPop  (Touch Released Event in Nextion Editor)

- for this the attachPush (Touch Pressed Event in Nextion Editor)

The corresponding component's Touch Event Send Component ID must be checked.

But INDEED, the IteadLib functions on the Uno - many many projects have already been created

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