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Check resolution (type of Nextion)

Please implement a way to use the current resolution of the device, or to use the current device type in a script.

I am using different sizes of screens - attached to an Arduino.

By embedding the pictures for several resolutions in the same 'firmware', it should be possible to create one Nextion Build for most types (all) of Devices.

But I can not find a way to select either from the Arduino or on the Nextion itself to use the screen resolution in any way

Perhaps if you review the upload protocol, you might gain some insights that can assist,

Nextion HMI Upload Protocol  The Nextion will return the model string and several other pieces of data during a properly formatted connect. 


- 48 x10 = 480 width

- 32 x10 = 320 height

- K = Enhanced series T - Basic series

035 /10 = 3.5 inches

Of course this does not account for 0,90,180,270 orientation.

The K Enhanced series has an eeprom that can be used to store your config variables needed.

This will not help in any of the Basic series

Also not that the height for the NX4827?043  is not 270 but it is 272.

You may face many challenges towards accomplishing the goal.  On simple HMIs, perhaps.

But 4MB of resources on the 2.4" Basic model can be quickly exhausted with 800x480 resources.

YES ! That is a usuable solution. 

Thank you so much...

Google will not relate my question with your answer :)

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