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Switch module (ESP8266 based) for in-wall switches


I think it would be great if you could design a small esp8266-based switch module, possibly versions with dimmer as well, that can be installed in existing in-wall switches for EU/US standards. This way you can keep the existing light switch for manual control but add the possibility to remotely control the light switch via WiFi.

Similar modules are available today for z-wave and other wireless standards, this is an example of such a product:

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Yes I am aware of the sonoff touch, but that is not what I requested. I am looking for a module to extend my existing wall switch with remote wifi control as per my link to a z-wave device that does this.

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Oh, sorry. For a switch controlled relay you could theoretically use but it would require a custom firmware flash and a bit of hacking.


This would be great! I would probably place one behind every light switch in my home. Unfortunately the sonoff touch doesn't look good in some rooms...

Yes it's possible. There is already an existing switch in sonoff module for manual switching. U can solder that switch with 2 wires and use a manual pulse switch( the one we use in door bells). See the Picture.
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