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Need code for Keyborad connect with arduino


Due to the example Nextion Advanced Application 2: Use Global and Variable to Transmit Values Among Pages

1. is it posible to give me arduino code for sample.

2. I need to know is it possible to write only the code for t0, t1 on ardinot and the less do in nextion edition. or I need to write all the code in ardunino and ignore all the code in nextion

3. What command I need to use  to bring the data from t0 to use in the program. Ex i need to change the distan by the distand = t0.val  somting right that. this value need to chang  oftenly


The HMI for that project is available click here to download

1) There was no Arduino code needed for demonstrating that project.

2) To have everything conducted Arduino side, in your HMI click Send Component ID

    - this will send over serial the Nextion Return codes for touch events

    See IteadLib Arduino Nextion Library and the Nextion Instruction Set

3) If using the IteadLib and you have declared your nexText as distan

     then use the distan.setText() function

     See examples included with the Library

Thank you Patrick

may be my english is not good enough finally i get what i need. My code may be not perfect but i need  share

Ps. I think nextion is perfect for lack of skill like me to make a good project. Thank for your creative

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