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Thanks Patrick Martin!

Okay I know this may sound a little silly, but I want to publicly thank Patrick Martin for all his efforts here.

Patrick: looking around the forums, it's obvious that as of late, you've spent quite a lot of time going through posts, assisting users, and gathering data for the Nextion folks.

And I want you to know it's appreciated!  The Nextion displays are a great product, and it's good to know someone is paying attention to the users and taking input on improvements.


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Thanks guys.

It is true that the board had lacked official responses for far too long, some posts even went completely unnoticed.  As a mere mortal user, it was hard be heard in the silence.  So now that Gerhard Kropf and I are working with itead, we report to Jerry directly.  We will now be able to represent the user requests and provide input from a technical side. The board is now one of our official responsibilities.  So we strive to provide the high level of support and responsiveness that I had wished was there when I was a just a user.

This thank you truly needs to be shared with so many of the other board members that have jumped in to help keep people's projects moving forward.

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