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Thanks Patrick Martin!

Okay I know this may sound a little silly, but I want to publicly thank Patrick Martin for all his efforts here.

Patrick: looking around the forums, it's obvious that as of late, you've spent quite a lot of time going through posts, assisting users, and gathering data for the Nextion folks.

And I want you to know it's appreciated!  The Nextion displays are a great product, and it's good to know someone is paying attention to the users and taking input on improvements.


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Thanks guys.

It is true that the board had lacked official responses for far too long, some posts even went completely unnoticed.  As a mere mortal user, it was hard be heard in the silence.  So now that Gerhard Kropf and I are working with itead, we report to Jerry directly.  We will now be able to represent the user requests and provide input from a technical side. The board is now one of our official responsibilities.  So we strive to provide the high level of support and responsiveness that I had wished was there when I was a just a user.

This thank you truly needs to be shared with so many of the other board members that have jumped in to help keep people's projects moving forward.

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Hey Patrick allow for people to reply and dont just block the threads.

I buy mine on amazon uk the prices are nothing like you mentioned. there is no need to doubt my word as to justify your lack of costumer service. I understand what you are saying, and i agree to some extent but i am not trowing away a 120 pound screen because of two or three .50 cent components.

If you dont want to help dont help, but let other people help.

This is very shady business from your part and you are driving costumers away.

You posting in a closed forum is not a lack of customer service.

This forum is no longer active and slated for deletion.

As stated - this forum closed Nov 15th 2017,

but not before the new forum opened Sept 2017.

Users are now at the new forum - sorry.

- this is not a business restricting a community

- this is a business that moved the community to better servers.

Can not help when you bypass the multiple notices posted.

Register at

Our Community > Register

- ensure your email is not blocking emails

- wait for the confirmation email to come in

- respond to the confirmation email and set password

Login at

Our Community > Login

Once logged in, go to the forums

Our Community > Forums

The choice to remain closed source is a joint business decision

- both parties have agreed and both parties wish to remain closed source.

- neither party can change this on their own

- both parties are very open about it being closed source.

The prices I quoted are from website

- your reseller is indeed raking money off of you

- Itead Authorized Distributors are listed on Itead's website.

You will find out as I stated - it is not just the 0.50 cent components

- other components will also be gone as well.

Itead's repair service still remains open (just not economical as stated)

You can still choose to have it repaired by Itead

- insured freight in both directions, cost of parts and cost of repairs.

This forum is closedUse the new forum.



when you claim 120 GBP ...

With Enclosure

81.45 GBP for Nextion NX8048K070_011C  47.33% markup

66.37 GBP for Nextion NX8048K070_011R  80.8%  markup

Without Enclosure

61.77 GBP for Nextion NX8048K070_011R  Enhanced  94.7% markup

56.49 GBP for Nextion NX8048T070_011R   Basic      112.4% markup

Amazon seller is indeed marking up.

When I look on Amazon UK for Nextions, I run across one selling 7" Capacitive for 167.50GBP
Not only is this 2x what Itead sells it for at website, but seller is not authorized distributor.

Buyer beware, service is obtained via Seller as per Regional/Local Buyer-Seller protection laws.