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smarTank 2.0

The goal of this thread is to take the OpenSource FishTank project and modernize it so that it can fit on an Uno.  Perhaps by taking advantage of the newer features in the Nextion Editor, it can be accomplished.  So take a shot at building smarTank2.0

The Orginal OpenSource FishTank project is located here.

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Which model of Nextion are you using for the project.?

Is it an Enhanced Model with an RTC?

The first thing that I noted is that everything from the HMI it is doing a Send Component ID over to the MCU for processing by the MCU exclusively.  This means that if some of that processing is conducted on the Nextion side,, this frees up space on the Uno.

Small progress so far, building smarTank2.0 for the Nextion 4.3" Models

Basic 4.3" NX4827T043_011 <Order Here> or  Enhanced 4.3" NX4827K043_011 <Order Here>




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I have a 2,8" Nextion hmi, and I using a DS3231 RTC.


smarTank2.0 for the Nextion Basic Models

2.4" NX3224T024_011 <Order Here> or  2.8" NX3224T028_011 <Order Here>

- will also run on the Nextion Enhanced Models
2.4" NX3224K024_011 <Order Here> or  2.8" NX3224K028_011 <Order Here>

It still has a bunch of work to do yet, but here are the two screen shots



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4.3" settings screen redesign so the 2.8" and the 4.3" are more alike.



i m a newbie and i love this project

Have you the same for 7" display, please

thank you

No 7.0" version, only the design layout as above.

The previous user made no contributions towards

 - as such it did not materialize

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