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Sonoff Touch - measures EU and US version

Good morning,

would like to know the European an US measures of the Sonoff Touch - Luxury Glass Panel Touch LED Light Switch device.

thank you.

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really need the internal specs/measurements for the EU plug so I can make sure it actually fits in my socket

socket h*d*w aswell as the total size should be easy, please measure and post if you have one :)


I was not able to find this information until I received my unit.

here they are.

it seems that it is nicely designed to fit both UK and EU fixtures.

(5.99 MB)
(3.51 MB)
(3.58 MB)

here are more

(2.52 MB)
(6.69 MB)
(2.73 MB)

and few more

(2.61 MB)
(3.46 MB)
(6.03 MB)

What I dont understand is;

how does itead expect us to install this into the wall without breaking the warranty sticker.

I am not a Houdini.


(4.66 MB)
The touch EU version could be improved by reducing the size and providing a bevel plate. It now is slightly bigger then a complete single wall mount switch (85x85 mm). However for a double side by side switch or a combined switch/outlet the center to center distance of the wall outlet box is 71 mm. This means it is impossible to mount the touch EU in a double box, which is very common in mainland Europe.

If the outside dimension of the glass plate would be have slightly rounded corners and be reduced to 70.5 X 70.5 it will fit most wall outlet frames, including double boxes.


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