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Cannot pair wifi smart switch

I just bought six Sonoff wifi switches but I can't get them to work. When I try and pair with the Sonoff I get the "incorrect password" message. I am using 12345678. Or it accepts the password and connects to the Sonoff itead wifi for a few seconds and then disconnects.

I have tried with two of the switches and get the same problem. I have looked at the itead guide and FAQs. I have raised a help ticket but am not getting a response. Can anyone help or give me advice?

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Il DNS lo devo cambiare sul mio router ?

Ho un sonoff basic registrato correttamente al server tramite il mio web pocket. Ora volevo registrarlo nel router ma mi da continuamente errore. Sembra voglia funzionare solamente con il web pocket. Cosa posso fare ?

With a lot of patience and after a lot of fiddling, I have managed to get my 3 Sonoff S20 plugs and 1 Sonoff smart switch working, thanks to some advice from this forum. These are the steps I followed. It did help taking the smart switch close to the router. I have an Android Phone.

1. Set my phone to Aeroplane mode and turned on my WiFi;

2. Paired my Sonoff device directly through the phone, outside of the eWeLink App. Username: ITEAD.... and Password: 12345678. I waited till the device said "Connected, No Internet";

3. Opened my eWeLink App;

4. Long pressed the pairing button till it fast-blinked;

5. Added a device In the eWeLink App and selected the pairing as per the type of blink - in my case I had to use "Compatible pairing mode (AP)";

6. The app finds the ITEAD device, connects with the server and then registers the device. Note: I had to do this step several times in some cases. Sometimes it goes straight through. Have a little patience and try it a few times.

7. Once registered, it takes around a minute after which the green light is steady. 

Hope this helps. I must admit I was getting a bit frustrated, but decided to persevere and it paid off.

Good luck!

We at D-link customer service believes in customer satisfaction and our first priority is to treat their problem like our own. We are having team of dedicated and well-qualified problem resolving personal assistance team so, that user's doesn't face such issues in future.

So I was having the same issue with a 4 channel switch, I could get it to pair but not connect with the router or internet after changing my WiFi network around.

I saw a comment about the Sonoff devices getting "locked" to a particular router above somewhere and it turns out correct.

I have a mesh system and an outdoor AP but once I'd turned everything off except the particular router it was connected to previously it connected first attempt and has been rock solid for a few days now even after a couple of power cycles with the other routers back on.

A right pain in the arse and it needs sorting but at least it's working again.

Thank to whoever it was that mentioned it.

I registered an account just so I can help others on getting a Sonoff paired.

After trying for hours and using AP mode, pairing from fresh power up, trying to pair to WiFi without special characters in, pairing to a mobile phone hot spot, etc. etc.  The ONLY thing that worked STRAIGHT away, was to put the phone into airplane mode, then only activating the wifi to connect with home router, then running the app to pair, and it works!!

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