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Cannot pair wifi smart switch

I just bought six Sonoff wifi switches but I can't get them to work. When I try and pair with the Sonoff I get the "incorrect password" message. I am using 12345678. Or it accepts the password and connects to the Sonoff itead wifi for a few seconds and then disconnects.

I have tried with two of the switches and get the same problem. I have looked at the itead guide and FAQs. I have raised a help ticket but am not getting a response. Can anyone help or give me advice?

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Hello guys,

I Have 4 sonoff switch and 2 sonoff Th switch on my routeur and all is all right since 1 year (approximatively).

For using my Xiaomi mi robot vacuum, I need to change WEP protection to WPA protection.

I did it and the 4 sonoff switch works good but impossible to reconnect my 2 sonoff TH....

What can i do? I try lot of manipulation and nothing works...

Thanks in advance.

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