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analog signal affected by nextion

Good evening folks. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to solve an issue I am having. The readings I get in serial from A0 and A1 deviates from 0 up to 40(should be 0 at this time) when I have the Nextion 3.2 enhanced tft attached to its assigned digital pins. The readings go back to 0 where they should be when I disconnect the Nextion. I am new to Arduino, Nextion and engineering any kind of circuits.. so my apologies in advance if this is a no brainer thing. Please let me know if I missed any information that might be useful. Thanks

Hi Dennis
Your A0 and A1 pins are actually "floating" You need to add a pull down resistor between the two Analog ins and ground to prevent float. This should stabalize your setup. Alternatively you can use pullup resistors to the 5V as well. Search and read up a little on pull up and pull down resistors and then it should make sense


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Do you have the Nextion Ground and Arduino ground tied together sharing common ground?
Have you properly defined your pins as digital.

These are thing to check, may or may not resolve your issues

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Thank you, Riaan Heath. I will definitely go read about pull up/down resistors. 

@Patrick Martin. Both Nextion and Arduino are grounded together. Best I can tell, I have properly defined all pins. I am using the Serial1 for communication between the Mega and Nextion now. The issue appears to no longer be present. Thank you

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