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Store data in nextion display after switch off


Due to the slider example I need to know can I store the data thant I  change number

to new data after I switch off and on again


in slider example the original number is 50 . If i change to 60 and switch of. Then I switch on again the number will return to 50. How can I let nextion store data 60 or after i change the number

next question

Is it posible to run slider example without arudino . I mean run on simulation in PC

The Nextion Enhanced series models have a 1K EEPROM where data values can be stored.

Several MCUs have an EEPROM module inside, or at least a software EEPROM emulation

The value needs to be stored BEFORE the Nextion is turned off, regardless of where it will be stored.

When turned on, the HMI loads default values that were defined in the HMI at design time.

It is after this point (perhaps in the page PostInitialization Event) that you would need to restore the values.

Forgot part two.

The Debug simulator in the Nextion Editor has two sections Data Input and Simulator return.

There is no other means of simulating without specialized solutions. 

Your request would suggest an Arduino simulator, and that encompasses many MCUs.

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