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Nextion Weveform

I have some problems with using Waveform in Nextion Editor:
my code:
add 1,0,j0.val

Waveform are writing 0, 0, 0, 0 - why?

If I try this code:
add 1,0,10

Waveform are writing 10, 10, 10, 10 - it is ok

May be it is my mistake... Or it is bug in Nextion Editor?

Best regards,
Kirill Ilin

At this time, this is a limitation of the Waveform component

the add command takes a literal numeric value as you have in your second example
and is not possible to use add with a numeric variable as attempted in your first example

Where the majority of waveform usage is through the connecting mcu over serial
the mcu would naturally be sending its values over serial in the second format.
add 1,0,10

Thank you for fast answer!
Are you planning in future version add this function?

Unfortunately I don't have the development timelines.

The limiting factor would be based on the limited space available for firmware
As you might imagine, there are significantly many requests competing for that space.

I would invite you to make a request in the Nextion Feature Requests
Other users might like this feature as well.  Perhaps Popularity adds weight.

Patrick Martin

such a feature surely makes sense, when everything else is handled directly inside display-logic.

- You connect sensors directly to the display board
- your HMI/TFT readin the sensor
- your HMI/TFT process and displays the data as waveform ...

The standard displays don't offer this facility, you can't connect things like sensors.
The extended models do have this ability. So, for them, it makes sense ...

But as Martin already stated, many requests fight for the limited space. Not everything sensfull, not everything we want, can be realized. But we try our best to make the whole HMI concept better and better.


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This has been added to the current list of Feature Requests

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