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Can we have a topic in Announcement whenever a new version of Nextion is released

Can we have a topic thread in Announcement whenever a new version of Nextion is released and also include the changes that have been made.

That would be great so we can see the progress of Nextion Editor.

I think we are at 0.40, and the last version is 0.33 shown in the Announcement forum. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I have the same idea. 

But I have to locate what each of the changes were so that I can create an ongoing change list.

Forgive me if this will take a little while, we have only started to get a handle on the forum for less than a week and have almost a year's worth of issues to sort out.  But it is on my to-do list.

There is a thread already existing Download the latest Nextion Editor in Announcements

It makes more sense to continue to add to this Thread to keep the change log consolidated

rather than to create a new topic on each edition.

I also have a list of ~50 items that have been found requested in Feature Requests

that the Nextion Editor is now capable of.  I may place this list at the top of Feature Requests.

I think having looked at things within my first week at Itead, I can see that it has certainly grown since the beginnings, with a lot more growth to go.

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