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No wire switch

Apologies if this has been posted before.  

Has anyone thought about a no wire switch.  I have some wall switches today which have a lithium battery inside and are rechargeable via a builtin micro USB. They talk to a dimmer relay which is connected to a LED. 

It would have to support dimming, on/off, and can be placed into 1-gang faceplate or more.  It would be useful to have temp/humidity as well.  

A switch like this requires no wiring in.  Makes it nice and easy to install/move.  It just posts commands to a controller which then turns on another smart device.  

key issues:

- power usage on battery

- boot up time - can it come up from deep sleep fast enough to make it responsive

 and what exactly do you like to switch with this? A HMI display?

Its just a wall mounted light switch.  In a way it's just a remote control that can be used to turn on/off another smart switch.  The benefit is that is doesn't need to be wired into the house wiring.

Sometimes running new wires to a light switch is a pain.  Cutting holes in plaster wall, drilling through wood.  Going wireless on battery removes this pain.    

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