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* Grammatical Errors, and Document Corrections

Please report Grammatical Errors and Document corrections below.

I will delete them from the list when they are confirmed to be corrected.

The Nextion Font Generator in The Nextion Editor has Height drop down from 16 to 160 in multiples of 8.

There is little legibility in a 4x8 pixel font, making an 8x16 as the first real usable size.

Pound should really be pixel.  Point has a completely different font meaning.

The Nextion Editor Font Generator restricts what is usable and thereby keeps it within range

But every generated font reveals the width=1/2 height nature.


Actual values of options is

 "Current Simulator","Nextion Device", and "Simulator and Nextion Device"



"There are three options: "send command to serial port", "send command to serial port", and "send command to both simulator and serial port"

Double mention of serial.  Believe this should be something like;

There are three options: "send command to simulator", "send command to serial port", and "send command to both simulator and serial port"

"pound" should "point"?"

"For example, using 16 and 40 pounds font size

Please update the documentation with the font size limitations described in this thread;

After some searching, it seems that a basic 8x8 font is not supported, as that does not fit the rules listed in that thread.  e.g. width must be half height (seems like an odd rule on initial view).  

It does mention 4x8 is possible.  Is there a reference font for this?  I'd like to see if that is legible.


line 0,0,100,100,RED   // no spaces.

I am working on a correct version

 - I have no date to tell for this at the moment

(understand I am part of the community with duties, but not access to NIS/wiki)

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Nextion instruction set:

All the examples have spaces between the variables.


"line 0, 0, 100, 100, RED" must be:

"line 0,0,100,100,RED"

not handy if examples are wrong.

Nextion Instruction Set:

(Nextion Editor version 0.46)

Add by variable:

- add 1,0,n0.val

- add 1,0,va0.val 

- add 1,0,sys0

AJ Kool created topic on Sun, 8 Jan at 6:04 AM

 Dear Sirs,

Just some issues I found in the documentation. Please correct the examples op page

Some commands are written with spaces between the variables (or constants).

But spaces are not accepted. example:

3.6 fill x, y, w, h, color

3.7 line x, y, x2, y2, color

3.8 draw x, y, x2, y2, color

3.9 cir x, y, r, color

3.10 cirs x, y, r, color

click b0, 1

add 1, 0, 30

addt 1, 0, 100 etc.

There is no statement that the commands are both for programming and communication.

Hi Michael ...

length in a programming language will be an actual command of any useful compiler.   I have to imagine the lenth attribute falls between partial artistic licence - trying to avoid compiler command and command used by the firmware interpreter.

But I get what you mean.

Too many times I misspell that one correctly and have to delete the g

I keep staggering when reading "lenth" - supposedly should be "length". Unfortunately that will break older code using the text length attribute.

Nextion Instruction Set:

for: for statement


line x,y,x2,y2,color

line 0,0,100,100,RED

Scrolling Text Object attribute in Nextion Editor

.tim attribute has descriptor Interval time in ms.(8 to 65535)

Minimum value before it is accepted is 80.

Maximum value before it is accepted is 65534

Corrections are shown with red text on yellow background:

Nextion Instruction Set:

1. dim:

1.dim=50 2.dim=dim+10 3.dim=dim-10

2. dims:

1.dims=50 2.dims=dims+10 3.dims=dims-10

7. thc:

1.thc=RED 2.thc=1024

8. thdra:

thdra=0(Close) thdra=1(Open)

12. sendxy:

sendxy=0(Close) sendxy=1(Open)

13. delay:

Delay=100(Pause the device for 100ms)

14. sleep:

sleep=1 (Enter Sleep)

15. bkcmd:

bkcmd=1 (Only return the successful data)

17. sys0 sys1 sys2:

sys0, sys1, sys2 are global variables, which do not require to be defined or created.


Corrections are shown with red text on yellow background:

Nextion Instruction Set:

Example 2:

} else

Example 3:

} else if(b0.txt==”2”)  // <<<< Remove spaces

add objid,ch,val  // <<<< Remove spaces

Example 1:

add 1,0,30  // <<<< Remove spaces

Example 2:

add 1,1,50  // <<<< Remove spaces

addt objid,ch,qty  // <<<< Remove spaces


add 1,0,100  // <<<< Remove spaces


When uploading new firmware via SD card, you'll get a "successed" message which should rather be "successful" or "succeeded".

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