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Bug Invalid Variables

 Hi somehow I get the error when trying to use fill , pic: display pictures and picq: Crop picture with error: Invalid Variables but I did everything arcording to

Please help me with this.

Best regard,

First try without so many spaces.  There should be only one space after fill, pic, and picq.

The Nextion Instruction set is misleading in this manner.

fill 100,100,20,40,RED

pic 20,20,0

picq 10,10,200,40,0

Thanks alot it worked. Can I ask if I want to zoom out or in the cordinate of a picture by sending signal from my arduino is it possible

 freankly speaking, no ... be aware, an embedded MCU is no Photoshop enabled PC where such things can be done on a simple mouse-click ... ressources and plain MCU power are limited ...


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