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5" Nextion screen does not fit in editor window - again

 I am reporting this 3rd time since 7 months ago. Back then it was v0.32 now 4.0   Still 5" Nextion screen does not fit into the editor's window. I provided calculation of pixels per screen resolution to explain back then and all my analysis stays the same. Previous report on this only added slider removed between v0.32 and "improved" version 0.33 making completely impossible to access different portion of the screen. Then this slider was returned back again but the screen still is not scaled. Since previous report was marked "closed" I have to open it again.

Using slider to access portions of the screen is only a work around, not a solution. Adding new components always brings it to the top of the screen hence need many clicks to bring it down to a proper position. And so with each new component. Slider does not allow just normal "click-hold-slide" operation as usual but only works smooth with many arrow clicks by small steps.

I am considering adding 7" display but am holding back because editing of larger Nextion screen not scaled to the actual resolution will be much more annoying than my current 5" Nextion.

here are screen shots after I upgraded to v 4.0
With 5" nextion , "output" and "events" windows all the way down, about 3/4 of the vertical screen shown, the rest does not fit.
 My PC resolution is 1366x768 . vertically available probably under 600px. Nextion 5" vertical screen size 800px . Nextion screen is not scaled to fit.
If larger screen to be designed ( 7" or 9") - only half of the screen will be shown for editing.


(178 KB)
(170 KB)

For your solution:

the Output and Event panels located at the bottom of the screen can now be relocated and attached to the side panels.  They are also resizable once attached to their new locations.  Or minimized as you have done.  Where the pixel resolution of the display is less than the resolution of the Nextion device being designed, there is a scrollbar that will need to scroll to reach the portion of the design screen beyond the pixels height available.  As you have discovered.


Unfortunately, to ensure that user errors have not occurred and panels become lost, the Nextion Editor will reset these to the original default location upon startup.

A Feature Request for a Zoom feature has been submitted.

Unfortunately this is not a bug of the Nextion Editor but rather a limitation of the computer display.

This issue will now be handled from the Requested Feature channels so it can be created.

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