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* Bugs/Issues we already know about.

This post is a list of bugs we know about and are therefore working on.  It will remain at the top of  the Bug Report category and will be updated from time to time to keep you up-to-date.  If your bug is in this list, we already know about it.  Where possible we will try to connect to other threads or articles that will provide work around solutions.

- HMI project files below v0.28 no longer being supported in v0.41

   - it may stand to reason these are merely too old.

- text prefixes do not prefix

     t0.txt="-"+t0.txt // does not produce the intended result.

- 32 bit values between unsigned (sysX) and signed (vaX) can cause issues

   when internal conversion is made. limit value to 2^31-1     2,147,483,647

- Waveform limitations to 0 to 255 values do not extend when height is > 255

- Font Generator in Nextion Editor still has some issues, cropping has been fixed

- The Editor does not handle large models on a smaller screen without scrolling.

  * user needs appropriately sized monitor if desiring not to scroll

- pwmf=0 should not be attempted, it will be accepted turning pwmf off.

- The ITEADLIB Arduino Nextion library perhaps needs much work

  * code can be modified by user to suit tastes as per licence

  * Arduino or any MCU side coding error does not make it a Nextion bug.

- The timer component is not a precision component, auto refresh effects it.

   * auto-refresh was implemented in v0.39 to reduce the need for ref

- Indexing error when loading HMIs is too old, or more than 65534 lines.

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- Multiple orphaned child PIDs (fixed in 0.46)

- Waveform component now accepts a variable value parameter (added in 0.46)

     add 1,0,n0.val // results in  n0 value being added to the channel

- Style Blue bug crashing XP, no further reports (deemed fixed in v0.43)

- Picture pane incorrectly focused (fixed in 0.43)

- Negative Number conversion to Text error corrected (fixed in 0.42)

- Excessive CPU usage reduced (fixed in 0.42)

- Color Selector does not retain custom colors (fixed in 0.42)

- Truncated StatusBar Text in Debug Simulator in Win7, solved by on-screen font size set to 100%

- Font Generation in Nextion Editor no longer crops letters on larger font sizes (fixed in 0.41)

- Larger projects fail when projects contain greater than 65535 attribute data (fixed in 0.41)

- Sleeps ussp and thsp functions can not be tuned off once turned on (fixed in 0.41)

- Waveform right-to-left is rendering left-to-right. (fixed in 0.40)

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