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Read Serial Number from Display

I remember reading somewhere the the connect command will return information from the display on successful connection.

Is there a way to read the serial number and model from the unit without this command?

 "connect" is only a name for a command ... without any deeper meaning, nothing more nothing less. It is a command to connect the display and get some internal display informations.

One name is the same good than each other meaningful name ... If somebody dislike the name, just create a wrapper function with the name of your choice ...

Function GetInfo() as string

   serialsend chr(255,255,255);connect;chr(255,255,255)


End Function

And you need in any case a "successful" connection, independent of the calling functions name ...

Thank you Gerry,
I guess what I meant to say was, the connect command will return a string like
"comok 1,101,NX4024T032_011R,52,61488,D264B8204F0E1828,16777216"

Is there any way to query Part Number and Serial Number independent of the connect command?

 Hi Levon,

not as I know ... the "connect" just returns all interresting as comma-delimitered string ... then it is up to the user just to separate the part he/she like ...

Normally, your used programming language should offer something similar to



That's all ...

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