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Error: Compile failed!

Hi Can anyone explain why i get this error, ill admit i don't have a clue what is going on.


4.3" basic display

Global Memory:1468

Page:main Memory Occupied:1468+89=1557

Page:info Memory Occupied:1468+129=1597

Page:config Memory Occupied:1468+365=1833

Page:config_presa Memory Occupied:1468+364=1832

Page:config_data Memory Occupied:1468+321=1789

Page:storico Memory Occupied:1468+23=1491

Page:config_temp Memory Occupied:1468+1416=2884

Page:config_sensor Memory Occupied:1468+326=1794

Page:prese Memory Occupied:1468+330=1798

Page:config_prese Memory Occupied:1468+275=1743

Page:config_memoria Memory Occupied:1468+107=1575

Page:config_nomi Memory Occupied:1468+142=1610

Error: Page:Tastiera Error! Memory overflow:1468+2238=3706

Error: Compile failed! 1 Errors, 0 Warnings,

To me this looks like too many objects or too much code on the page Tastiera.
The 4.3 basic only has 2048 Bytes of ram.
Looks like that page is trying to use 2238 bytes of ram...


The Nextion 4.3" basic model has 3584 bytes of available SRAM for the user HMI design.

This byte count can be seen on the status bar, in the settings, and in the specs.

The two numbers being added together are the amount of SRAM for static+dynamic used

The HMI is designed to swap pages out of memory when changing and loading the next page.

So in the compile process, each page is being counted individually.

Your design has exceeded the allowable 3854 bytes and attempted 3706 causing a failure.

Things to look for to reduce the usage is the .txt-maxl attribute of the components in this page.

Almost all have a default of 10 spaces (which uses 11 bytes -> max length +1)

Check your design.  Many of your texts might be able to use a little bit less than your declared max.

To get your page to compile you will need to trim 122 bytes (I'd shoot for 150 for caution sake).

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