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Sonoff Wifi is weak after firmware update from 1.2.0 to 1.5.2


I have 3 sonoff devices. When I received them they worked very well (firmware 1.2.0). Easy wifi connect and reconnect! The app shows strong signal on all sonoff.

I firmware updated 1 of them to ver. 1.5.2. Now wifi connection is very weak! Only if I move the sonoff close to my wifi router, it will connect and reconnect automatic!

There must be a bug in the new firmware. Please fix and put out a new firmware..

Best Regards

Keld Riis

What is a Nextion "Sonoff" ?

New Display? :D

Now Alex ... play nice ... lol

The Sonoff group is fast growing and they don't have their own forum.

So it really isn't clear where they should be posting.

But you know what, that might not be a bad idea - wifi Nextion?

Yeah, your right, but there are a lot of sonoff posts here, even in feature request are questions and so on.

I wish there would be just a little structure, but thats not the perfect board-system.

Even phpbb would be better :)

I thought they have the homeautomation forum section, but i realy don't know the sonoff.

Oh yes, wifi nextion would be very nice :) but not a good solution for fast refresh of the page, would have a high delay.

Why a high delay?

If they were to design a wifi version, you still have the HMI, and wifi rates start in Mbps.

You know that STM32 /GD32 chip on the back of the Nextion COULD be pushed into the 2.3Mbps range.

So that would certainly remove a few bottlenecks, even at 921K would be an 8 fold increase.

Oh i did not know that there is a bootleneck of the STM32 on the backside.

With the high delay i mean the "transfer refresh time".

There will be couple of milliseconds because of wifi.

But ok, that will be not so much as i thought first. If it is the same as i have to my router (ping) then it can be unstable even if the connection is good. 5ms to 40ms (should be still ok :) )

That will be good for simple transfer of button commands, but if you have a high refresh rate or better say need to refresh new value in "real time" it can be a problem.

That will not be the way most people will use the display but it might be an issue.

I think there is still a high potential in this nextions.

A key here is maintaining your connection between uses.

Ping starting from scratch, has to make the connection - then perform task

But if you can open and maintain the connection, then it only the connections that are taking the time.

Imagine a 50 MB download, its connection is the largest loss, but once the data flows, it flows.

Depends on what you are using your wifi for.

Scrubbing many websites for data .. each will have that high connect overhead.

Most web servers kill the connection to free the socket to allow someone else a chance.

Connecting to your personal server (cloud or home), you actually can control if that connect remains open

Telnet is a good example of connections remaining open.

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