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nextion Durability

how long the Nextion can be kept up an Running ,and is there any adverse effect on switching on and off frequently 

The specifications show that the backlight LED is rated for around 30,000 hours or ~ 3yr 5mo.

The second part of your question isn't tested as far as frequent switching on and off, I would assume normal usage should not be an issue from a clean power supply.  It depends on what is meant by frequent.  I wouldn't unnecessarily want to push the envelope to test if it survives 20 power cycles per second.  Power recommendations are 5V at 0.5A to 2A depending on the Nextion Model.

The DataSheet for the individual Nextion models can be found here.

Thank you Patrick , You answered both I am going for some prototype startup project where I am required to switch on and of the display let say 10-15 times a day , so basically when not in use I am planning to put display to power off mode,  

Let me know if you have better suggestions . 

I can't see any issues with that.

Personal preferences for me:

I have a 5V rail on my proto board for my Nextion displays (my MCUs are using 3.3V).

I leave them grounded and simply disconnect my Nextion 5V lines between uses

- I haven't had any issues to date.

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